Hi there!

I’m Vânia, and I’m a Communications and Graphics Specialist.

I graduated in Business Communication, which gave me the opportunity to work with major brands such as Adidas Portugal, where I worked as a Trade Marketing Assistant and Happy, a Fashion Magazine, as a Marketing Assistant in publishing.

Although this was a really growing experience, I felt that something was missing, and that’s when I decided to study Graphic Design.

Let me tell you, it was by far, the best decision that I’ve made in my professional life! I truly love to get creative. Me and my Mac, we have some crazy stories to tell!

As a graphic designer, I worked in the jewelry market doing all the packaging, catalogues, POS and managing social media. After that, I gained experience with a Portuguese fashion brand “Traces of Me” by Teresa Martins, doing mainly the same I did in my previous job, with the plus of also being responsible for the logistics of the fashions shows of Portugal Fashion, as well as the brand’s international fairs for the new seasons.

My last working experience, that had nothing to do with the fashion market that I was used to, was for Race Ready, an events company for classic cars races, where I was the Communication & Digital Manager. Responsible for managing 6 social media pages, coordinating press releases, photographers, video makers, magazines, and on top of that, all the graphic design needed (social media, books, advertisement, magazine publications, company APP).

At the moment, I am working as a Freelancer and during quarantine, I started drawing. I do black and white illustration, as you can see in one of my work tabs. I guess this new artistic skill was always here and I’m loving it!

Last but not least, I just finished a 3D ANIMATION course, so there’s a new skill to add to my creative brain.

Thank you for visiting!


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